Laura Sánchez

Laura Sánchez

Full Professor of Genetics

I have the expertise working with zebrafish during the last years and I have founded the first Zebrafish Laboratory in University of Santiago de Compostela. I have a broad background in molecular, cytogenetics and population genetics of fish. As an EMBO Senior Researcher at the Rosalin Franklin MCR-Centre-Cambridge (UK) I had the opportunity to participate in the first fish sequencing project (Fugu rubripes). During my career I supervised 15 PhD students, working in different fields of of fish genomics in aquaculture species and most recently my main focus in zebrafish as a model for disease , cancer a rare diseases.

I have administered several projects and contracts with companies as principal investigator, publishing 110 peer reviewed papers in the field of fish genetics and patented a method for differentiate sex with molecular sequences in turbot. At present I develop an intense work in the area of dissemination of science using zebrafish as a model organism in secondary education.

The zebrafish is an organism with large applications in biomedicine, and this led to the beginning of a line of research for in vivo assays with this species, allowing the creation of the group Preclinical Animal Models of IDIS (Institute for Health Research Santiago de Compostela). The Zebrafish Lab is also specialized in toxicity analysis with different compounds and nanoparticles used in the textile and pharmaceutical industry. Currently xenografts of tumor cells are been performed for determining cancer personalized treatments in collaboration with Dr. Rafael Lopez, Head of the Oncology Service of Santiago University Hospital.

At present the Zebrabiores group developed collaboration with Dr. Manuel Collado (IDIS) using zebrafish for the study of rare diseases and embryonary senescence process. In the area of toxicity collaborations are maintained with Professor J. Luis Mascareñas and Professor María José Alonso from University of Santiago de Compostela, Dr María de la Fuente (IDIS) and Jesús Fernández from University of A Coruña. Dr. Bruno Sainz and Dr.Gema Moreno from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid colaborate actively with xenotrasplantation of  stem cell lines and CRISPR tumor modified cell lines in zebrafish.Recently the group is beginning to work with models for autism ( Professor Angel Carracedo, USC ), and models for neurological diseases ( Dr M jesús Sobrido, IDIS). Also , we are working with Dr. Carmen Rivas (CIMUS) for the generation of models for virus infection.

In the area of xenotransplantantion we are developing assays with Dr Rafael Lopez, Dr Laura Muinelo (CHUS) and Professor Román Pérez (CIMUS)

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