Nacho Simo

Postdoctoral Researcher - Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina)

He has graduated with a degree in biotechnology in the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. During his undergraduate he began his research work in Silvia Arranz's laboratory in Rosario, studying the endocrinology of growth in fish. Later, in his doctorate he specialized in the mechanisms that regulate muscle growth using Odontesthes bonariensis (silverside, a species native to Argentina) as a model.
He currently works as Professor in the Department of Biology Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. He is also the member of the boards of director of Colegio Santafesino de Biotecnólogos (CSB) and the active member of the pharmacy school commission of the National University of Rosario.

Nowadays he is studying the effect of mutants of a gene in the muscular development of zebrafish, a collaborative work at the University of Santiago de Compostella between the group of Laura Sanchez and Ana Vega.

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